Founded by Mr. Pradeep Baba Madhok and Mrs. Pooja Madhok, in 2011 visionary and educationist, Toddlers ‘N’ Kids is a tribute to the scholar (Late) Mrs. Deesh Ishrat Madhok.

The Toddlers ‘N’ Kids, an Hybrid School from classes Nursery to XII. The Tech Education School (Coding, Robotics, 3 D designing,machining learning, Agro tech etc. any thing and everything related to technology.




Modern and online pattern of education brought to you by Ms. Alisha Madhok, who has done Masters in Director of Primary education with a specialization in education, autism, ADHD and child abuse at early age from San Francisco California (USA). She has developed a program that incorporates the highest level of academics and whole child development with Performing Arts and extracurricular activities to ease the stress of a working parent and give children an early edge in this competitive world. Toddlers ‘N’ Kids truly understands the needs of today’s education system, where it has become a must to have separate education pattern for the students online. Toddlers ‘N’ Kids is the first of its kind in India where learners are educated in a fun filled and activity based method with a fine blend of modern education and our cultural heritage.



Management Message

Dear Parents, Students and Learners we were always attracted to the thought – Home is the first school and School is the second home. In fact, today it has come true. The Corona virus has altered our life including our school system, teachers, children and parents. Let’s avoid the negativities and look into positivity. Our homes have become schools and parents have become teachers too. Unimaginable! But it’s a fact we have to live with now and invariably it is happening- whether we are rich or poor, far or near. E- Learning has emerged as the best way of imparting education. It gives us great joy to meet you all through this platform, a great way to communicate and be creative. Our main focus and interest is to give the highest standard of education in different fields to all age groups. We thank all who contributed to this endeavour. Be assured that the management, teaching and non-teaching of the Toddlers ‘N’ Kids is working towards making the future of education self-reliant. We will not leave any stone unturned in educating our learners.