Since its inception in 2017, TODDLERS ‘N’ KIDS has been providing ”e-learning” to the kids at Pre-Foundation & Foundation level and thereby facilitating the parents, especially the ones, who have to migrate to different locations at short intervals due to their transferable jobs which hampers the continuity of early education of their kids.

TODDLERS ‘N’ KIDS Online counselling is also a boon to the young couples who find child-caring confusing and difficult during their early parenthood period. It helps the parents to learn basic behavioral growth of their infants and also the ways to tackle them.Parenting of a ‘SPECIAL NEED’ CHILD can play havoc in the lives of a distressed mother and a worried father, if not attended properly. 

TODDLERS ‘N’ KIDS with its trained special educators provides relief to such parents whose child is diagnosed with Autism/ ADHD/ Cerebral palsy/ Down Syndrome/ Emotional Disturbance/ Reading and Learning Disabilities etc. by formulating one to one learning programs compatible to the respective Special Needs of the child.During the current Covid-19 situation and in the post – pandemic  scenario,  it  is  evident that online digital learning has become the need of the HOUR.

TODDLERS ‘N’ KIDS online  school  is unique with  its  unparalleled  proprietary curriculums, play based methods of teaching, references, and highly qualified digital  faculty combining  a  world  class  online    academic platform  with  a specialization in Performing Arts.